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United For College and Career Success

At United For College and Career Success (UFCS), we envision a future where every learner thrives, breaking barriers to transform their lives and communities through education and career success.


UFCS envisions a future where every underserved learner, 16-24, unleashes their potential through targeted upskilling, enabling them to pursue rewarding careers that support their families. We are committed to dismantling barriers, promoting social and economic mobility, and empowering these learners to become catalysts for positive change in their communities.


UFCS empowers every learner by acknowledging their self-determined journey, amplifying their educational potential, and creating pathways to career opportunities.


Through our programming and services, learners thrive and not just survive.

Strategic Pillars and Focus

UFCS leverages three strategic pillars:
1) data-driven holistic services, 2) education and career ecosystem building with collaborative action, and
3) capacity building technology.
Together, these pillars currently engage over 1,200+ historically underserved learners that include first generation students and opportunity youth and young adults, offering invaluable resources and social capital.

UFCS's initiatives...

are categorized into four key focus areas!

UFCS guides learners, including those with disabilities, low-income backgrounds, Opportunity Youth and Young Adults (OYYA), and first-generation students, along tailored postsecondary pathways. This involves facilitating referrals, securing access to public benefits, and providing continuous support from education, training, and employment providers.

UFCS integrates case management, coaching, counseling, and skills assessments, with proactive outreach efforts to engage and support learners, regardless of background. This individualized approach bridges service gaps and empowers learners to achieve their academic, professional, and personal wellness aspirations.

UFCS and its collaborative network strategically expand and engage to provide holistic support, ensuring needs are met without gaps. This concerted effort is essential to address the multifaceted challenges learners face and empower them to thrive.

UFCS amplifies its support efforts through its flagship GRADegy app, empowering students and support staff alike to track and address critical milestones on the journey to enrollment, persistence, and completion.

“we provide learners a space to explore their ambitions and develop skills for careers.”